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Introducing our Christchurch Team

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Nigel William Hickey
Director - Advisor

P 03 366 4220
M 021 278 7156
E nigel@swainwoodham.co.nz

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Experience and Qualifications

I joined the SwainWoodham Group in 1996 after attending university and travelling the world.My qualifications include a Batchelor of Arts in Economics, a Batchelor of Commerce and more recently Registered Financial Adviser.

I have a passion and commitment for helping people and this helped my valued clients by allowing them to claim hundreds of thousands of dollars when things went wrong in their lives.

My aim is to continue doing this for my clients well into the future. 



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Corey John Williams
Director - Advisor

P 03 366 4220
M 021 288 0600
E corey@swainwoodham.co.nz

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Experience and Qualifications

I joined SwainWoodham Group in early 2009, bringing broad experience in business to my role as an advisor. An early career in banking was followed by a series of roles in sales and marketing, management and business development both in New Zealand and in the UK.  Joining SwainWoodham Group has provided a unique opportunity to apply this experience to helping other New Zealander’s achieve their financial goals, personally and in business while ensuring that they will have peace of mind along the way.

My commitment to high performance and continuous improvement in everything that I do is grounded in my involvement in competitive cycling at a national level and sport management internationally.

Since joining SwainWoodham Group I have undertaken extensive advisor training and will continue to do so to ensure that my industry and product knowledge is always at the highest level. In 2011 I became a Partner, and can now say I am proud to be a major share holder in our Company. 

MDRT - Top of the Table (TOT) and Court of the Table (COT) honours

Registered Financial Adviser

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Brian William Burgess
Director - Advisor

P 03 366 4220
M 027 201 2763 

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Experience and Qualifications

I first entered the Life Insurance Industry in 1996 and have enjoyed working with and learning from a number of Senior Insurance Advisers within their respective Firms over that period of time.

Apart from many years of experience within the Insurance Industry I have kept up to date with the knowledge required by attending ongoing training and seminars offered both within the industry and outside of it.

In 2007 I formed Insurance Plus and enjoyed rapid growth through outstanding client focused service and advice.

In September 2010 Insurance Plus incorporated its client base into SwainWoodham Group where I am now a Senior Adviser and Director.

MDRT - Court of the Table (COT)

Registered Financial Adviser

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Scott Thomas Stokes AFA
Director - Financial Advisor

P 03 366 4220
M 021 709 384

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Experience and Qualifications

My career began initially in management, leading large teams of people in high turnover businesses. Throughout this period I was an avid investor and passionate about helping people succeed. 

As part of my own journey to success I studied finance at Massey and achieved a Graduate Diploma in Business (Personal Financial Planning). That achievement lead me to change careers and join the financial advice profession. 

In 2012 I joined the SwainWoodham Group to bring my investment skills and knowledge to assist our clients to create and grow their wealth. 

I also am a facilitator who delivers Sorted programmes run by the Commission for Financial Capability.

These face-to-face courses are held in workplaces and community groups and encourage people to change the way they think about and manage their money.

Financial capability is about being on the winning side of our decisions around money. It’s a skill that we all need if we want to take charge of our lives and build a more secure future for ourselves and our families.

Find out more by visiting the Commission’s website http://www.cffc.org.nz/financial-capability/educational-programmes/workplace-programmes/

My aim is to eliminate the jargon and provide simple financial solutions that will meet our clients needs.

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Brian Matthew Magellan

P 03 366 4220
M 027 555 1083
E magellanb@swainwoodham.co.nz

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Experience and Qualifications

Hi, I have over 10 years experience consulting to top flight banking, wealth management and financial advice corporate clients in Australasia. My passion for educating clients on how to optimise their advice, product and service delivery now extends to educating and advising individuals and small businesses on how they can get the most value out of the financial products and services they use everyday, such as personal insurances and loans. 

I can show you how to structure your personal insurances and mortgage correctly to ensure you have the optimal protection and lending in place to safeguard you, your family, and your business, and help you achieve your personal and business goals sooner. 

My experience is backed up by my qualifications, which include a Bachelor of International Business Administration, Bachelor of Economics, and Diploma of Financial Planning, and I continue to undertake training that improves my ability to help my clients. 

On a personal note, I am happily married and a father to a young daughter, so I know how important it is to make the right decisions for your family. My mission is to educate and advise individuals and small business owners on how they can make the best insurance and lending decisions for themselves, their family, and their business.

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Sharyn Colville
Practice Manager

P 03 366 4220
M 027 267 6185

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Lynette Anderson
PA to Brian Burgess, Scott Stokes, Nigel Hickey and Brian Magellan

P 03 366 4220

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Emily Neill
PA to Corey Williams

P 03 366 4220