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At SwainWoodham Group our goal is to provide you with unbiased financial advice together with products & services tailored to your personal situation.

Have you ever wondered how your financial adviser decides which is the best insurance product for you? Are they just recommending the product that pays the most commission? And when you need insurance the most, when you experience a claim, will the insurance company pay out?

These are often questions people have when they are purchasing insurance, but are sometimes difficult questions to ask. Now you don’t have to.

Our insurance process ensures you are recommended the best insurance products for your individual situation, irrespective of how much your adviser will get paid.

Once your have completed a SwainWoodham personal information booklet to identify your needs and objectives, your adviser will find which insurance products are the best for you and meet your needs from the providers we have selected.

Product Selections are based on:

"Now put your feet up, you're insured with us."