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Love Your Business - Protect Your Business

When you own a business, the most obvious things you need to insure are your buildings, plant and stock. But is your business protected from loss of profits resulting from business interruptions, loss of a key employee, or death or disablement of a business partner?

SwainWoodham has specialist business insurance experts who can work with you to tailor the best insurance package to protect you and your business. We have access to all the leading insurance companies and business insurance products to cover your employees and business partners.

We can help protect you against the risks you would face if you, or one of your business partners, became ill or could no longer actively work within the business. We can also help you secure funds to buy out a business partner on their retirement, or their family or estate should they pass on.

One of the biggest risks your business can face is the loss of experience and intellectual property associated with key employees. SwainWoodham specialist business advisors can help you identify which employees have the greatest impact on financial performance, and protect your business from loss of revenue, profit, and possible business failure, should any of these key employees not be able to work.

We can also help reduce the cost of recruitment and training by increasing employee loyalty and satisfaction through employee superannuation and insurance packages.


Business Insurance Products and Services

 Life insurance
 Trauma insurance

 Total Permanent Disability insuracne

 Income protection
 Health and medical insurance

 Key person insurance
 Succession planning
 Partnership and shareholder insurance 
 Employee group insurance